Execute community led micro-projects to help communities

By Sharan Raj

Most economists agree that the government needs to pump-in cash into the economy to cushion the Covid-19 triggered recession.

However, it needs to stop with reviving construction-based mega-projects and execute community based micro-projects to put money in people’s pockets.

Mega-projects benefit certain large corporations, some outsourcing SMEs and a few capitalists.

Instead of training and paying local workers, construction corporations increase their profits by overworking and underpaying foreign labourers.

Putrajaya should give money to communities to spend on their respective housing areas, communities space, local infrastructure, hospitals and schools.

For example, establish a committee within a school consisting of parents, teachers, management and supporting staff to identify immediate fixes and improvements for the schools.  

Putrajaya could fund the school committee to hire people in their respective communities who had lost jobs or income to execute the micro-projects. 

Such schemes can be emulated nationwide at Orang Asli settlement, neighbourhoods, hospitals, PPR, Felda settlements, fishermen villages etc.

Open-ended community led micro-projects will solve local problems such as collapsing school roofs, damaged football fields, absence of streetlights etc.

These measures will put money in pockets of the most vulnerable in exchange for improving communities while waiting for the economy and job market to recover.

However, right-wing career politicians must stop demanding grandiose ‘Majilis’ to honour themselves as lots of public funds are spent to uplift ‘Yang Berhormat’ instead to uplift the communities.

Instead, the elected representatives must sit in the community meeting to help to facilitate  government bureaucracies. 

Sharan Raj is a central committee of Parti Sosialis Malaysia and State chairperson of

Parti Sosialis Malaysia Negeri Melaka

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