All-Electric MINI introduced for the first time in Malaysia

MINI, a compact premium automotive brand in Malaysia has introduced the new All-Electric MINI for the first time in Malaysia.

“As a brand set in the cornerstones of passion, MINI continues to deliver maximum thrilling driving excitement, while innovating to provide a more sustainable go-karting thrill in this generation. The New All-Electric MINI further expands the electrified line-up of MINI models here in Malaysia,” said BMW Group Malaysia managing director Harald Hoelzl.

“Since we introduced the first electrified MINI model in 2017 with the MINI Countryman Plug-in Hybrid, electrified MINIs have become a fan-favourite amongst MINIacs nationwide. In just 2019, MINI delivered close to 17,000 units of the MINI Countryman PHEV worldwide. This success drives our commitment towards electromobility even further, as it underlines the increasing shift towards electrified vehicles amongst MINIacs globally,” said Hoelzl.

The stylish minimalistic three-door hatch arrives with an electrifying new design language that sets the model apart in the MINI portfolio, while building upon the 60-year heritage of the MINI brand. 

The new three-door hatch is powered by the highly-powerful electric motor developed by the BMW Group that is capable of up to 184 HP and 270 Nm of torque – offering maximum thrill of the road without the carbon footprint.

The new All-Electric MINI can also be recharged up to 80% within just two and a half hours with the MINI Wallbox Plus. 

Maximum driving thrill, minimum carbon footprint

The new All-Electric MINI is powered by the latest, highly powerful version of the synchronous electric motor developed by the BMW Group – a front-axle electric engine capable of 135kw/184HP, as well as a 12-module T-shaped battery unit with a net capacity of 28.9kWh.

The new All-Electric MINI has a peak torque of 270Nm, and emits zero carbon emissions locally while consuming 16.8 – 14.8kWh per 100km of travel.

The specific design principle of the drive enables a high level of power development, which extends also into high speed ranges. An exceptionally high level of efficiency coupled with smooth, low-vibration running power is already available from standstill – which is characteristic of electric motors.

Powerful new features

Part of the characteristic driving experience in the new All-Electric MINI is the single-pedal drive that also contributes to brake energy recovery. The electric motor functions as a generator during coasting mode, transforming kinetic energy into electric power – which then feeds back into the high-voltage battery within the vehicle. 

The new All-Electric MINI arrives with four driving modes: Sport, Mid, Green and the new Green+ mode – which increases the electric range by limiting selected comfort functions.

It also features the actuator-contiguous wheel slip limiter (ARB) function which significantly improves traction by providing faster control. The function also reduces power understeering that usually occurs with front-wheel drive vehicles. 

The rear axle is configured to the front axle, which features electric-specific steering knuckles; this enables an electric-specific suspension setting in combination with the body-mounted wheelhouse liners.

MINI Financing

The recommended retail price for the new MINI with sales tax exemption (on the road for personal registration, without insurance) is RM 218,380.78.

With the Balloon Financing from BMW Group Financial Services Malaysia, ownership of the new All-Electric MINI starts from RM 2,421.00 per month (based on estimates of 80% loan on a five-year tenure).

It comes with the MINI four years unlimited mileage warranty, eight years / 100,000 km high voltage battery warranty with free scheduled service. 

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